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Hello Dice Fans!

We love tabletop RPGs. We love the places we’ve been, the enemies we’ve faced, the stories we’ve told and the friends (both literal and imaginary) that we’ve made along the way. 

Eventually, it seemed only natural to begin designing our own dice, inspired by a location, or a character or a botched plan. And so Regal Rollers was born. 

Over the years we’ve developed designs influenced by Shakespeare, Harry Potter and even Homer’s epics. We started on Etsy in 2020, leading to our debut Kickstarter in 2022 and now, finally, in 2023 our own online store is open for business!

To those of you who have been here since before, thank you, to those of you joining us for the first time, welcome! If you have any questions you can always reach me at

PS. If you’d like to know when the next batch drops, or the latest designs are released, please feel free to sign up to our mailing list too.

Yours always,

Regal Rollers